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About Us

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Bitasics is a leading provider of digital currency mining solutions with a rich history deeply rooted in the evolution of the blockchain industry. The company provides a comprehensive platform that addresses every facet of mining operations. Its evolution reflects the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, driven by a deep understanding of miners' needs and the complexities of the global market.

Bitasics is not just a provider of top-tier mining equipment.

The company is led by trusted and experienced leaders who understand the mining ecosystem, offering a suite of solutions that include miner sales, logistics, repair, and hosting solutions.​

The company's global reach and extensive network of industry relationships empower our clients to maximize their mining endeavors, whether miners are seasoned operators or those entering the space for the first time.

​As we look to the future, Bitasics remains committed to leading the charge in the mining industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and continuing to impact the global mining stage.

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Core Team

1_Nathaniel Justin Yu_Founder and CEO.jpeg
Nathaniel Justin Yu

Founder and CEO

  • LinkedIn

Nathaniel has a rich and extensive background In the digital currency mining space. He was the former Marketing Director at Bitmain, the industry‘s leading manufacturer, and was involved in the Sales Department for the Antminer brand for six years. He has gained in-depth industry knowledge, producing several articles and research-related work on digital currency mining.

2_Patrick Lee_Founder and COO_.jpg
Patrick Lee

Founder and COO

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Patrick has over seven years of industry experience specializing in mining manufacturing. He spent two years at Cheetah, a well-known mining manufacturer, gaining in-depth technology and market trends skills. Additionally, Patrick worked for three years at one of the leading distributors, E2M, accumulating sales and market milestones, and establishing a comprehensive industry network.

4_Sylvia Chow_Logistics Director.jpg
Sylvia Chow

Logistics Director 

5_Benedict Young_Legal Consultant.jpg
Benedict Young

Legal Consultant

4_Tommy Lee_Repair & Maintenance Director.jpg
Tommy Lee

Repair & Maintenance Director

Word from Founders 

“We treat every customer as a strategic partner. We aim to create long-lasting partnerships where both parties can jointly grow and succeed in the industry. At Bitasics, it is our core value to accelerate the value of vision in the blockchain space.”

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